Vaccine Stocks are Surging on New Lockdowns in China

Vaccine stocks, like Moderna (MRNA) are soaring.

At the moment, shares are up 12%, or $16.93 to $155.13 on a volume spike to 18.4 million, as compared to daily average volume of 8.6 million.

All as countries face another wave of infections.

For example, China is battling another wave of coronavirus infection. Millions of people across China are on lockdown.  Schools in Shanghai are closed.  Two, cases are mounting again in Germany.  Over the last week, cases have been rising, showing signs of worsening.

Three, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says a fourth booster vaccine is necessary.

As reported by NBC News, “Bourla said Friday that Pfizer’s scientists are now seeing the protection from the initial booster shot begin to wane against omicron after three or four months, meaning a fourth dose may be needed.”

Four, there’s fear of another variant, called Deltacron.  Reportedly, this one combines the elements of delta and omicron, and has already been detected in some European countries.

Until the virus is brought under control, vaccine stocks could see higher highs.