US virus threat tumbles DOW futures yet again


According to the reports, the stocks fell steeply due to the spreading of the coronavirus in the US on Monday morning.

The stock has been holding the stock market correction. This is going to close on Wednesday above the 50-days deadline. It is will be worthy to watch the MSFT stock. It is expected that the investors in the stock markets would look for quality stocks that have strong strength lines. They would be looking for stocks which signal outperformance against the S&P 500 index. But, it has been reported that since the Microsoft warning is underscoring, this time might not be a suitable time for buying stocks.

It is also been reported that unless and until the fear of coronavirus fades away, the rally of a new market is on hold. This further considers the stocks to be quarantine.

“The second-largest economy in the world is completely shut down. People are not pricing that in”, said the CEO of The Opportunistic Trader, Larry Benedict. According to him, it will add a 10% to 15% correction in the stocks. Also, he even opined that some portions of the market would be over-owned. These portions will majorly include the large-cap tech stocks. Yet, there is still much more to come on the way.

The ways had been led lower by the increasing impact of coronavirus. The Delta and American Airline stocks were down by more than a percentage of 6% whereas the United has got closed 5.4% lower.

Moreover, the Dow Jones average of the industry has sunk 879 points as per the updates on Tuesday. This has been reported to happen as the investors in the stock market had increasingly absorbed the worrisome forecast regarding the adverse effect of coronavirus. The adversely effect of coronavirus is spreading all over the world faster than it has been thought. On Tuesday, the Dow Jones Swoon over 1900 points and it has been reported as the worst loss in the two years. The iPhone makers, “Apple”, has taken a hit as well as their shares went down by 4.8%.