This is Why Nvidia Popped in After Hours Trading

Nvidia (NVDA) is up about $5.50 in after-hours.

All on news Meta Platforms said it plans to invest more in infrastructure to support its push into digitally immersive experiences. As noted by Bloomberg, “Meta Platforms projected capital spending of $34 billion to $39 billion in 2023, up from $30 billion to $34 billion this year.”

NVDA is also one of the top ways to trade the metaverse boom.  In fact, NVDA chips will likely play a crucial role in creating the processing power the metaverse will need to run.

Also, according to CNBC, “The infrastructure is key to the metaverse. Many companies will build it, but most of the revenues will be generated by the companies that provide the infrastructure and that’s where Nvidia comes in because they’re already a leader in artificial intelligence, and semiconductor space. Their chips and computer power are key to the metaverse.”

NVDA is also deeply involved with the Industrial Metaverse.

With it, companies can design new products, processes, and facilities in a virtual world before ever bringing them to market.

BMW, for example, is using Nvidia’s Omniverse to build new factories.  According to Venture Beat, the two have spoken about how the “Regensburg factory has a fully functioning, real-time digital twin capable of simulating at scale production and finite scheduling based on constraints down to work order instructions and robotics programming on the shop floor.”

Other companies using the NVDA Omniverse include Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Amazon, and BMW.  Even Lowe’s just teamed with NVDA.  “At Lowe’s, we are always looking for ways to reimagine store operations and remove friction for our customers,” said Seemantini Godbole, executive vice president, and chief digital and information officer at Lowe’s, as quoted by Nvidia. “With NVIDIA Omniverse, we’re pulling data together in ways that have never been possible, giving our associates superpowers.”

In short, when it comes to NVDA, there’s a lot to get excited about.