This is Why Lithium Americas Could Accelerate Higher

The world is in desperate need of lithium supply.

For one, “lithium might run out by 2025. And as electric cars begin to take over the roads, lithium stocks could turn out to be some of the biggest winners,” as noted by Forbes.

Two, the world could need five times more lithium that is currently mined to meet global climate targets by 2050, according to the World Bank, as noted by BBC.

Three, by 2030, the world could see about 125 million EVs on the road, which will only drive even more demand for lithium supply.  In fact, “It is anticipated demand for vehicle battery metal will increase sharply over the next several years as automakers abandon internal combustion engines for EVs,” says Resource World.

With demand showing no signs of slowing, Lithium Americas (LAC) is gaining momentum.

All as it nears potential construction on Thacker Pass.

“With the final key state environmental permits in hand, Lithium Americas can begin to advance Thacker Pass towards construction,” said Jonathan Evans, President and CEO, as quoted in a company release. “Thacker Pass provides an opportunity to enable a US-based battery supply chain for the growing electric vehicle market. Our commitment to developing Thacker Pass in the most environmentally responsible way is demonstrated from over a decade of conducting the necessary planning, design and engagement.”

Once things get under way at Thacker Pass, LAC could be an explosive stock.