S&P Global says banks’ unrealized losses manageable at this stage

FILE PHOTO: The S&P Global logo is displayed on its offices in the financial district in New York

LONDON (Reuters) – Rating agency S&P Global said on Thursday that the banks around the world that it provides credit scores for should be able handle “unrealized losses” from global interest rate rises at present.

“At this stage, we view the risks from unrealized losses as manageable,” S&P said in a report published on Thursday.

It said it was down largely to healthy liquidity and capital, helped further in many cases by the uptick in 2022 earnings, although it would continue to monitor the situation.

“We think that most banks have the capacity to hold their (nontrading) fair-valued assets to maturity, and in doing so neutralize the impact of unrealized losses over time.”

(Reporting by Marc Jones; Editing by Amanda Cooper)