Let’s make money while they make love on this Valentine’s Day!


So, what are your plans for this Valentine’s Day? While we understand that the day is all about love, shopping, gifting and affection, if you are wise enough with the money, you can invest as well!

Such high demand of gifts in the market does reflect the fact that the companies manufacturing these products will spell huge business in this period.

Here’s a Valentine’s Day exclusive post for the finance geeks out there who are willing to make money when other rightfully make love! Here goes some of the great investment ideas for you- 

Be it chocolates, greeting cards, gift items, clothes or style apparels, all of these products are sold in huge number in the Valentines week which means a lot of business!

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA)

Just like any other stock, this has also faced its share of drop in the market in the recent plight. However, do not be deceived by the looks of it because even after several drops in the year 2019, the stock outperformed every other in the field and earned its investors a staggering 33% gain!

During the Valentine’s Day, Alibaba organises a grand sale which is known as the Singles Day. Yes, you heard it right! The number of people shopping on this sale is huge and the company just does double the business they do on any regular day.

This is your moment of understanding the fact that if you invest now on the stock, there are high chances that with riveting numbers of sale, your stock value will also take a huge boost! How’s that? 

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You already might have an idea regarding the huge demand for Archies products during the entire Valentine’s week, don’t you? Right now, the Archies is on the stock market with a 1.17% in the negatives (NSE).

However, just as the Valentine’s Week enters, the sales will shoot up and it will soon turn the tables and perform really well. We suggest you that instead of buying its products, buy the stocks and that will in turn offer your great financial growth in the coming days!