Top stocks to keep an Eye on for the month of February

Best Time to Invest in stock.
Best Time to Invest in stock.

February is a month where we all miss the long gone holiday season of the New Year and also await the coming of spring time, but alas nothing really happens.

However, amidst all of these, if you have been planning to invest in stocks, this can be your month! We bring to you some of the best stocks that can create a silver lining to your investment portfolio.

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ANGI Homeservices (NASDAQ:ANGI)

E Commerce is truly a booming platform and which is why stocks under this are sure to grow big with time. Customers looking for plumbers, cleaning and such services are connected with the respective service providers by ANGI homeservices.

Millenials are buying home these days which is why the growth of this stock is expected to be high. The company is targeting a 20-25% growth in the long term and this is the best time to invest in it as the stock is all set to enter its fourth quarter with all grace. Last year in August, the stock dipped 50% due to the cut in their profit shares. However, the recent trendings show that the losses will be recovered soon! 

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This shows that the growth for a platform like Netflix is eminent! Outside the US, there were a total 106 million subscribers which is 25 million more than last year. The online streaming platform leaders grew by a total of 28% in a year owing to the higher subscription price and more subscribers.

The operating margin went up to 13% from 10% of the previous year. No matter how many new streaming platforms drop by, Netflix being an established player will never run out of subscribers and only keep growing. 

People may think that the growth of Netflix is saturated now, but it is absolutely not! Netflix ended 2019 with 167 million subscribers which is 28 million more than its previous year.

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Anaplan (NYSE:PLAN)

For businesses and companies, proper financial planning or any data related planning needed a lot of time due to the fact that all the departments need to be on the same page before taking any decision.

Anaplan has brought about a revolutionary connected planning solution that unifies data and accepts instant input and editing from participants. Anaplan is increasing being the manager’s favourite due to the ease of access. In the third quarter, the revenue generated was around $89 million, which is a 44% steep growth from year after year!

The growth of the company has crossed 120% in the last three years. The operating margin shifted to a negative 9.9% which was previously 29.5% in the last year. With plenty of business opportunities remaining, it is a great investment option! 

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Make a wise call and choose the stocks which have a great future and a possibility to win over the market in the coming days! Invest your money in the ones that are worthy.