Factbox-China Evergrande’s upcoming bond coupon payments

Headquarters of China Evergrande Group in Shenzhen

SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China Evergrande Group on Friday confounded market expectations that it would formally default this weekend, supplying funds to pay interest on a U.S. dollar bond before the expiration of a 30-day grace period on Oct. 23.

Evergrande missed coupon payments totalling nearly $280 million on its dollar bonds on Sept. 23, Sept. 29 and Oct. 11, beginning 30-day grace periods for each.

While the developer does not have any more onshore or offshore bonds maturing this year, it still faces coupon payments on its offshore bonds totalling nearly $340 million between Nov. 1 and Dec. 28, on top of $195 million in outstanding missed payments.

Evergrande’s next payment deadline is Oct. 29 with the expiration of the 30-day grace period on its Sept. 29 coupon.

Following is a list of upcoming U.S. dollar bond coupon payment due dates for Evergrande and its units from Nov. 1 through Dec. 28, according to Refinitiv data:

Maturity Ccy Outstanding Next Next RIC

amount coupon coupon

date amount

Nov. 6, USD $645 mln Nov. 6, $41.93

2022 2021 mln

Nov. 6, USD $590 mln Nov. 6, $40.56

2023 2021 mln

Jun. 28, USD $1.34 bln Dec. 28, $50.43

2023 2021 mln

Jun. 28, USD $4.68 bln Dec. 28, $204.77

2025 2021 mln

(Reporting by Andrew Galbraith; Editing by Sam Holmes)