A bear market is coming or not? Know for yourself!

Bear market

Investing does depend on the market. Whether it is a bull or a bear market, it is important to understand this. Trying to go for timing the market can be risky. However, there are a few signals that most of the professionals look for measuring the risk coming in the future. This can help regular investors in monitoring the stocks for their benefits.

A list of the bear market signpost has come from the Bank of America that can help the clients predicting how close the bear market is. The list includes 19 signals that range from a fundamental to sentimental-related indicators.

At present, the trigger of 63 per cent of the bear market is prevalent of which 47 per cent was in January. Concerning the previous records, a bear market occurred when 80 per cent of the indicators showed a trigger.

SavitaSubramanium, the equity and quant strategist of Bank of America, recently said to the clients “Stocks appear to be pricing in more good news than bad”.

In October 2018, when the signpost triggered and hit 79 per cent. Following the signal, the S&P 500 witnessed a significant change that led to a bear market based on an intraday. It led the market to suffer to the worst in December that put them into depression.

We have enlisted the indicators that Bank of America have provided for pretending the bear market:

  1. Tightening the credit conditions
  2. Raising interest rates for the federal reserve
  3. For 12 months of the bull market, the minimum returns show 11 per cent
  4. For 24 months of the bull market, the minimum returns are 30 per cent.
  5. Stocks of low quality are capable of outperforming stocks having high quality ( over six months)
  6. Outperforming of the momentum stocks (over six to twelve months)
  7. Growth stocks outperforming (over six to twelve months)
  8. Stocks pullback of 5 per cent (over the last year)
  9. Low price to earnings ratio stocks underperform
  10. The consumer confidence level of the conference board has not hit a hundred within 24 months.
  11. The percentage expecting stocks of conference board go higher.
  12. Rewards are lacking in case of earnings beats.
  13. The sell-side indicator that is the contrary of the measure of sell-side equity optimism.
  14. High level of cash is shown by a survey from Bank of America.
  15. Inverted yield curve
  16. Change in the growing expectation that is of long-term.
  17. The dragging of the price to earnings ratio that is added to CPI is more than 20.
  18. Volatility index goes over 20 within three months.

 Revisions rule estimated as per the earnings.


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