3 reasons why you should buy Tesla always for the long run


Nothing is meant forever and one of the best examples of this is the DOW index itself. Around 100 years back the index had 20 members and now all of them have changed and yet it is one of the best indices in the US stock market. Change is the only constant and this is why when we speak of the Tesla stocks and their long term benefits, you need to understand the meaning of this long term! It is not for a lifetime. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy and hold on the shares of Tesla-

Model 3 is a rock star

Model 3 electric car from Tesla is rightfully one of the best EV’s in the market. There have been numerous other brands that have tried hard to come up with their EV but have failed miserably. Nissan Leaf and General Motors were the brand that weren’t as well accepted as Tesla. This paves the way for a bright future for the brand as EV is truly the need of the hour and a great investment for the future due to the high demand it will create in the market.

Company aims at making the world a better place   

The company’s description of Tesla points to the fact that it aims to change the world for the better. Given the innovations and ideas of automation they have, the company is sure to hit success as the world is looking up to AI these days. This ensures a smooth sail for their stocks in the coming years unless there is a seriously eligible competitor for the business.

Impressive line-up

While the Model 3 ramped up the manufacturing unit at Tesla and helped in to grow financially like never before, the upcoming line of EV is sure to take the company sky-high. The Model Y and Cybertruck models will amplify the company’s reputation and add oomph to its amazing line of EV. These are sure shot success as per early trends suggests and hence the revenue is about to skyrocket with the launch. The never beaten down attitude of Elion Musk is what drives the company to where it is today. Even in this period of economic slowdown, those with the shares of Tesla are not losing money as of yet. If you plan to purchase Tesla stocks, you must hold it for long term because the major gains are yet to come and it will be rightfully huge if you can hold them for long.